E-Commerce Results + Testimonials

Our most successful project grossed nearly $1 million dollars within a little over 1 year! That's the power of branding/marketing! 

About the business: This was a brand we created based on a home electronic /tech product targeting a broad audience from ages 18-45. 

What we did on this project: We created the entire website, setup the platform, payment processing and backend, we designed the brand, created the ads and advertising strategy and executed our plan to receive targeted traffic that would convert into sales!

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Other Ecommerce projects we've helped brand, advertise and design for:

(We utilize labels for our clients as many of our clients are in b2c Ecom and due to the competitive nature of the market, do not wish to advertise their products due to the rising competition in the industry for hot and trending product ideas) 

Client A.R: (Over $10k in sales in 1 Month!)

We helped design ads and managed the advertising campaign for this client who we helped receive over $10k in gross revenue from sales in just 1 months time! 

About the Business: This was an Ecommerce business in the Pet Niche. The client who was fairly new to online business had struggled to make any sales within the first few months before finding us and letting us take the reigns and manage their marketing/advertising for them. 

What we did: We noticed that there was much improvement to be made within the branding and layout of the website. After editing and improving the landing page and product pages, we revamped the logo/brand and created an advertising strategy, which included designing advertisements and creating and managing the ad campaign through Meta Ads (Facebook/IG). 

Client M.M (Over $1,200 in one day!)

This client was excited to have his first $1,000+ DAY in revenue and sent us this screenshot.

About the Business: This business sold coffee and coffee related accessories as well as products and accessories for cheese connoisseurs. The client had a small shop on Etsy before coming to us and wanting to create their own storefront, independent from Etsy. 

What we did for the client: We helped the client create their store front and start advertising their business with designs and materials they already had created. Their sales went from $300-400 a day to more than doubling with our help.